Friday, March 20, 2009

house at anna nagar

constructed in one ground land of 30*80 . the plan revolves around an curved central court with multi levels
sunken living
cathedral celing
mezzanine master bed
receiving balcony at the front
huge ,cantilevered carparking
childrens bed rooms
dynamic front facade
elevated entry
raised forecourt

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

residential schools at sengapaLLI,avinashi,coimbatore,kovai

the last six months have been very different from our earlier architectural practice.
we have been asked to work in various parts of tamil nadu..

the residential schools at sengapalli ,avinashi, school at karur
family home at sethumadai.,top slip ,anaimalai, at the foot hills anaimalai in the middle coconut grooves,
family home at ootan chatram, foot hills of palani hills,
divinity village ,a home for elderly people to settle and restart their lifes instead of waiting for their departure
hospitals at salem, trichy and erode
week end home for 4 doctors at e c r chennai

the practice has been very challenging and demanding
our architectural team is responding well
we are looking forward to meet out this creative spell

Friday, March 6, 2009

indus ladies: a conversation bt a very good client of us and a talented junior of mine

conversation between a very good client of mine and a very sensitive architect who worked with me many years ago

i have deleted their names to protect their identities .......

i have posted this to have a personal collection of their memories

12th May 2008, 09:24 PM indus ladies 10

I asked abt Murali Architects as he designed my parents home in Madras (and my uncle's and another family friend's and a cousin's....). So I know him quite well and now I've found a connection between us

great to know that Mr.Murali did your madras home, when was the house built? when i was working with him in 2004, we used to do a lot of muslim family homes...the thing i liked with his work is that he takes enormous effort to do each and every detail of the home...i used to love the brainstorming sessions we do at office...and we used to sit hours on end in front of our site and discuss the color scheme for painting..

The house was built (actually renovated) in 1993-94, long before you worked for him I guess. He did a great job and people who see it for the first time are usually impressed! Is he still doing domes in his houses? They are a feature of all his houses that I know of.

he does lots of curved walls and surfaces but i guess he doent like domes is true that anyone seeing his buildings will be very when i go about in chennai i can easily spot any of his works from the street end....he's got some revolutionary ideas about the modern homes...