Friday, October 23, 2015

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Super ideas for small gardens

Amy Tocknell 

Having a small garden doesn’t have to mean that you can’t flex your 
creative green thumbs to create an amazing space that allows you to
 relax and reconnect with nature. In fact, small gardens can prove to
 be some of the most well thought out and considered, with every facet
 of available space being put to great use to create a little slice of utopia
 that is just yours. 
Take a look at these fantastic examples of small gardens and see if you
 are inspired to dig out your trowel! 

Being able to install gorgeous garden furnitures is ideal but it all depends on
 the terrain, shape and size of your outdoor space. Small gardens, in particular,
 need a delicate touch and a sympathetic eye so we love the great use of courtyard
 space in this example, with a defined patio area and separate greenery section. 
By keeping furniture off the grass the space appears bigger while the use of
 trailing foliage helps to blur the lines between lawn and walls. Lovely!

Small gardens can be little havens of peace and tranquillity when finished
 in the right way. This is a great example, from Iara Kílaris, with a circular
 decking area being complemented by round seating and accessories. 
Surrounded by lush greenery and calm, neutral coloured walls, the overarching
 sense of peace is undeniable and we just love that vibrant orange that adds
 a fun pop of colour to this lovely courtyard space. All you need now is a good
 book and some great weather!

Green vibes

If you like plants but only have a limited amount of space to play with, 
don’t worry about taking up valuable floor space with large planters, 
consider a living wall installation! Giving you access to all of the benefits
 of luscious greenery with less of the hassle, these walls offer even those
 of you with the smallest of courtyards or terraces the opportunity to really
 connect with nature and brighten up your outdoor space. You see, small
 gardens don’t have to be boring!

Indoor utopia

If you have no garden outside why not give serious consideration
 to installing small gardens inside your home? No, we haven’t gone 
crazy, we just think that these amazing indoor green spaces not only
 look phenomenal but offer access to the benefits of regular interaction
 with nature. This example is particularly lovely, having been installed in
 the usually dead space under a staircase. With a huge window in situ,
 the trees and plants are flourishing and thanks to the low maintenance
 foliage that has been selected, this is all play and no work!

Captivating cultivation

Small gardens are a great way to showcase amazing foliage and box
 shrubs, especially when they are manicured into eminently tactile shapes,
 such as these ones. We love the use of flowing foliage alongside finely
 clipped individual elements as it makes for such a dynamic and different
 small space. The cosiness seen here is something that bigger gardens
 can often lack, feeling vast and open, but we could imagine enjoying warm 
summer days in this secret little nook.

Lovely for little ones

Small gardens can be the perfect location for a safe and fun play
 environment for your children, as long as everything is kept relatively 
simple. This example has got it just right with perfectly manicured soft grass, 
minimal plants and a sturdy swing set all working together to offer outdoor
 adventures in abundance. By keeping this space unfussy and easy to
 maintain, it looks bigger than it is but is enclosed enough to provide
 protection for your little ones. 

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to create a garden playground.
Are you keen to revamp your small garden now? Tell us in the comments, below.