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The best advice for small gardens

Sabine Neumann 

Can make it big that small gardens with the right ideas, we have shown
 you here at homify already often. In this article you will find, for example
, helpful tips and tricks for designing small gardens. As our expert but always
 bring new designs and projects, now comes another collection with great
 ideas for small gardens that show you how to get the most from a few square
 meters outdoors and you can create your own little oasis.

Clever furniture

Small gardens and large, massive furniture - that does not fit together.
 Who has little space, should this be equipped with matching garden furniture
 to achieve a harmonious overall picture and to save valuable space. There are,
 smaller, delicate furniture and flexible models that fold up, for example, or can
 be used in other ways. In addition, it is recommended that the outdoor furniture
 and accessories adapt as flower tubs on the size and shape of the garden and the
 best set up on the fence or edge of the garden, so that an open space is created 
at the center, which visually enlarges the outdoor area.

The secret behind the optimal design of small gardens, among others in 
the form of language. Generally, it is important to create a harmonious
 balance between edgy and curvy shapes. A round seat lets the garden 
space appear larger. Performs a beautifully landscaped way there, the
 depth effect is still supported. Also cheerful color accents are refined 
helper when designing a small garden, because they draw attention to
 themselves and distract from the small square footage.

Starting in the Vertical

Plants may not in any garden is missing. If the base is not enough space
 for hergibt nicely planted flowerbeds, alternatives are needed. Instead 
of remaining in the horizontal, we recommend that you just go into a
 vertical position and to green surrounding walls, house walls and 
screening installations. In this way, the smallest garden enough room
 for great plants and at the same bare walls and walls are planted pretty.

Garden in the house

Who has the best intentions there is no place for a garden, but still can
 not do without its own green oasis, you can instead set up within the
 four walls. There are a lot of slow-growing species of trees, palms,
 succulents and other plants that come most marvelous manner even
 under the roof and make a corner of your home to paradise indoor garden.

Easy to clean and evergreen

You have a small garden, but not particularly green thumb and also no
 great desire to permanent gardening? Then dispense Just a traditional
 lawn and refined flower beds and lie instead of a stone or gravel garden
 by placing her with isolated, selected and low-maintenance plants accents
 passing delight you all year round with lush greenery.

For Children

In your small garden you need not necessarily great plants and a large 
seating area? Instead, the kids will feel here pudelwohl and have lots 
of fun? Then extends a free lawn to play and perhaps a swing and a 
small sandbox - that is the children's paradise on a few square meters.
What have you ever so for tips and tricks for small gardens of Europe? 
We are looking forward to your ideas.

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