Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Exciting Coffee Experience @ Expresso Cafe, Chandra Mall, Arcot Road, Chennai

The Expresso Cafe at Arccot Road, Chennai, is a fine coffee experience at the busy Cahndra Mall.

(These views are the proposal made for the project)

The linear strip of space is fully loaded with provisions for eateries adhering to functionality and serves all age groups with takeaways along with fun.

A perfect break from the routine shopping experience!

Idealistic, fluid design which flows like coffee!!

Curves on the go,
Structure as smooth as a flow,
Trying to put up an iconic glow!!

The Interesting Images of Intricacy - Mr. Rajesh Krishna's Residence, Pallikaranai

The Residence of Mr. Rajesh Krishnan at Pallikaranai is the epitome of contemporary architecture at the upcoming township of Pallikaranai.

The exterior and the interior gel together with nature flowing in and out of the residence.

The lily pond - the focal point of the house, is a elegant blend of the nature into the house and the perfect refuge from the wearing day to day schedule.

The MGM Gaming Zone @ Mayajaal, Chennai

Now the ceilings can speak the language of fun too!!

The Inspiring Interiors of Office Cabins at MGM Office, Mylapore

The interiors of the office cabins of Mr. Maran and Mr. Anand was dealt in a contemporary manner with the passion of gelling the nature into the work space.

The well lit and ventilated space, onlooking the greenery, gives a healthy and cheerful environment to work in.

The space is designed in such a way that it seems spacious and at the same time adhering to the functionality.

A Space of Solace in the memory of Dr. Rama

Dr. Rama parted us recently...

She was a fine person as doctor and also as a noble human being.

To commemorate her in our memories, and to pay homage, a special place was designed where the people can seek solace from their sufferings and hardships...

The space is an art work of wood and glass with Dr. Rama's portrait at the center as the focal element.

The enclosure give the inmates a serene feeling, and an assurance of consolation.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Iconic Residential Apartment at the busy Chamiers Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The Residential Apartment at the busy Chamiers Road is built on a 2 ground plot situated at the connection of Nandanam Signal and the Adyar Park.

The project was conceived as to create a Sculptural Presence.

The building has a total of 4 floors including the Stilt parking. There is one apartment of 1400 sq.ft per floor.

The tall front walls with a receiving gateway give a warm welcoming feel.

The Screen Walls act as a barrier to the noise and the dust from the busy road and hospital close by and also plays a role in fa├žade treatment. It also provides visual privacy.

The enclosure is designed such a way that the inmates are not deprived from enjoying the views and also the privacy is ensured from the full time engaged road.

The building has complete privacy for children and elderly people who can use the stilt floor for recreation and morning/evening walks.

The onlookers get a artistic sculptural feel that inspires a positive feeling.

Mahalakshmi Plaaza - The fashion statement of Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India


The theme of the plaza design is FUN, EXCITEMENT and FUTURISM.

It is a small effort to provide the people an outlet from stressful life style.

The CUBE pulls in the people into the narrow commercial development.     

The various displays on the ceiling and the floors help the shop keepers to exhibit their products in a trendy fashion.                                               

The grand steps, the raised podium and plaza adds aesthetic feature to the artistic building.