Friday, November 27, 2009

Residence For Mr and mrs.Padmanabhan and Family at Salem

the padmanaban s are a close knit family of 5 members, father ,mother ,son,daughter in law and the grandson

the site is surrounded on all four sides with low slung residences. the main entry approach from north east corner.
green mounds,vrious landscape elements are the governing theme of the house.. 4 cars are hidden below the green mounds. the drivers room ,utilities,toilets also hidden in the green mounds
house combines the traditional concepts in the lower level,, but has floating pavillions, terrace gardens ,out door kind of toilets, series of personal courts are provided in the first floor level.

pulled out puja set in the middle of a landscaped setting offers a quiet,serene and peaceful ambience for praying.. entire puja walls are done with southerly grey stone walls

Monday, November 16, 2009

Anwar Salim Residence Revisited

Dr.Balamurugan and Dr.Mrs.Kalaimani at Salem

Pon vidyamanir