Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aayam house-traditional tamil saastra


This “VILLA” at Manapakkam is formed by simple planar geometry and varying levels combining office with a residence.

The residence is designed for a family of five, giving a contemporary look.

The clarity were the paramount for the design mass and good integration with the landscape.

Entering the house is the foyer with the flight of steps taking to the raised living. The huge living, dining with double heights extends from front to the rear surrounded by landscape and the shallow pool.

The double height spaces links the various spaces thereby creating an united entity. The yoga room located at the first level amidst the green landscape and bamboo pergola gives divine feel to the space.

We also had a challenging job with the clients wish list including a wind catcher, usage of natural material for the skylights and also to have lot of natural wind movement inside the house. Even the basement floor, though it does not have an opening to the outside it is lit by the central light court and stay pretty cool too for the same reason.

The clear defined masses and a well delineated geometry of the building gives it a grand façade and an effective system for low building maintenance too.



CONSULTANTS : Mr.Kanagavel-- Structural Consultant
Mr.Sumanan--Electrical Consultant
M/s. Ganga consultants ---Plumbing consultant

AREA : 8500 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. -1.7 Crore


Gneiss house_metamorph in nature


The “TREE HUGGER” at chetpet is a contemporary house with exposed concrete, metal, steel, glass wrapping around the existing trees in the site.

The designer aimed at giving a contemporary grammar to the house creating a sculptured mass by retaining the existing trees

The entry undulates into the stone gathering plaza which opens to the vassal / mithan creating a typology in continuation to the past living.

The visitors are thereby entertained in the inviting green front amphitheatre which opens into the “Cementine Sculpture” created for the family of three children and the elderly mother, has series of levels with double height and triple height spaces.

The double height open planning of living, family hall and dining around the courtyard creates vertical volume connecting various levels of the house with the flow of roof planes.

A visual drama is created by means of natural lighting from the open courts reflecting the outdoor quality.

The large windows in every room floods the space with natural light and provide views of the outdoor green breathing pockets making the house lively and cheerful.

Thus the “TREE HUGGER” makes a bold statement to the spectators with technology and nature going together.


CONSULTANTS : Dr.Mohideen- Structural Consultant
Mr.KP.Muralidaran -Electrical Consultant
Mr.KR.Srinivasan-Plumbing consultant

AREA : 6000 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. 1.2 Crore


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floating Decks-Service Apartments


Water when combined with architecture, the interplay created by means of fluid and solid planes adds an extra dimension to the building making it extraordinary.

“THE FLOATING CUBE” at Neelangarai is a guest house Indian base American client, evolved with the idea of ‘maze and puzzle’ by means of levels and projections creating an ‘awe’ in the minds of the user.

Designed with an eye on nature and a nod to chic urban influences,the projecting balconies in the air dramatizes the façade, enriching the geometry adding to the concept of solid and voids having the water body as an enriching base.

The floating cube has an inviting plaza with the water body and a theme wall, ramping up to the huge main lobby. The necessity of car parking has been addressed by means of basement. The lounge provides the cheerful feel with water body on two sides and landscape on the other

The internal court space holding the staircase acts a sa transition between the public (the lounge) to the private space (the apartment)

The levels with in each apartment arouse a excited feel, having the cubes projecting from the bedroom which floats above the water body giving the sense of island surrounded by water.

The double height spaces enriches the spatial quality and gives the sense of spaciousness and effervescence adding to visual dialogue.


CONSULTANTS : Mr.Thirumaran (Structural Consultant)
Mr.Sumanam (Electrical Consultant)
Mr.Punniamoorthy (Plumbing consultant)

AREA : 16000 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. 2.5 Crore

YEAR OF COMPLETION: Under construction

House at The Cross-Urban indian House