Monday, August 24, 2009

angling edifice


The “DAZZLING EDIFICE”at adyar is an effort to combing vaasthu and contemporary architecture by exploring with series of triangles like “’Fractal Geometry’

The south facing site with the north east entry reached by a pathway that culminates in a raised plaza with a high sculpture wall creating a still place with a sense of privacy and punctuating the entry.

The lawn with the family space set in the middle bringing everybody together to the divine corner with wooden flooring and bay window where the elderly mother, sisters and the brother could bask in their love and affection.

The edifice created for the family of four – the parents, daughter and son with modern thoughts and abundant energy. The living room at the higher level with dining lowered connecting the family room brings out the visual demarcation creating a continuous open flow of space.

The double height in the living helps in unifying the levels of the house and bringing the habitants together. The kiln burnt brick wall along the flight of the steps acts as a cohesive element bringing a character to the interior.

The terrace garden at the first level is a clever blend and transition between the harder materials of architecture to the soft green of garden opening from the family hall

Elevated by 6 feet in response to the storm surge from the buckhingham canal with tall windows and high roof dramatizes the space, marking the home a cherished dream to the client.



CONSULTANTS : Dr. Mohideen --Structural Consultant
Mr. K.P Muralidharan-- Electrical Consultant
Mr.CN.Punyamoorty-- Plumbing consultant

AREA : -6100 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. 1.9 Crore


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