Monday, August 24, 2009

Cul_de_sac house with no view


Nestled in the quiet avenue just off Barnaby road, the property is just on the dead end of a avenue. We had to hence create fore court space for the building to create room for people and vehicular movement inside the site.

The building has a natural charm with natural wood cladding, the exterior has a unique antique finish. This material has been used efficiently for the balcony railings and also to provide some privacy for the receiving balcony in the first floor. The wide sweep of the front wall creates the separating line between the internal and the external spaces.

All elements, the doors, the windows, ceiling height have all been kept vertical. (You get an elated feeling when you enter this house) The 20’0” high main door takes you into a hall which is the main activity zone for the house. An open kitchen, a home theatre with a glass hall and a mezzanine level office all branch out from the living space.

The open hall and dining have been provided, following the client brief that he wont be having many guests, but wanted a large hall in case of a family gathering. The staircase is kept wide, with a stepped ledge on the side for curio and art work display. The first floor is also at a multi level connected by a curvilinear wooden gallery and glass railing. The first floor stays connected with the ground floor by means of the double height space above the living room.

The exterior space though minimal due to the light site conditions, but we manage to create a pleasant rear court, you could open out for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast or lunch and a good space for your morning news paper reading. After all you build a home to relax and forget the world outside.



CONSULTANTS : Dr. Mohideen, Structural Consultant
Mr.K.P Muralidharan Electrical Consultant
Mr.K.R.Srinivasan – Plumbing consultant

AREA : 7000 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. 1.4 Crore


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