Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harrington Road House


Amidst the tight and crowded chetpet area in Harrington road, nestled amidst two schools, this site is located. Being a cul-de-sac property, we had to create a fore court plaza, to create room in the front. All the spaces in the house have hence been placed facing the central plaza.

Being a large single family, the parents and five children meant we had to make room for five bedrooms, which we achieved by providing bedrooms at mezzanine levels and varying the room heights to achieve more floor planes. Invariably at any point of time of a day the house is well lit by means of the central torch (The central court), hence if they keep all the curtains drawn too, the house feels bright. The floor and wall themes also have been kept light to keep it bright and cheerful.

The site being on the boundary of two school campuses takes advantage of the huge trees that have grown for over 30 years and cast their shield over the western wall hence not only allowing for window on the west by also green view from most of the bedrooms. So we have maximum advantage by providing large windows and an open courtyard (at the first floor level). The trees gives an umbrella effect on the terrace too making it a pleasant hang out spot in the evenings.



CONSULTANTS : Mr. Chandran, Structural Consultant
Mr.K.P Muralidharan Electrical Consultant
Mr.K.R.Srinivasan – Plumbing consultant


AREA : 7000 Sq.ft

TOTAL COST : Rs. 1.2 Crore


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