Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Multi Court House for Mrs & Mr.Philip Varghese aimed to create a naturalistic modest home @ kovilambakam chennai in 4800 Sq.ft land.The primary house is located at the upper level and a rental one bedroom is placed at the lower level.The whole facade is done up by grey cement plastering.As with all materials,accessibility and cost plays a huge role.There are sure to be materials not on the list that would be the obvious option in certain parts of the home,so we made sure to get to know the materials around the home in addition to these and we made a complete resource.Yellow marble and white marble, kota are the primary flooring material.Since he may be away from home for long hours so we created a castle in clouds
Design team Ukenderan Elan,Seethapathi PbThomson SibyNishanth RameshSadham Hussain
Thank you Sokkalal Natarajan for the contract services ,Deepak Rao for the landscape & Fazal Hussain for the Photography.

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