Saturday, January 30, 2010

KVB Resience At Guindy- Revisited, ...Terrace garden, green facades ,stair

Monday, January 25, 2010

Residence for Mrs & Mr Velu at Indira Nagar, Adayar,Chennai. - A Very Contempoary house.

experimental ,questioning the rigid grammar of modern architecture
at the same time uses traditional materials like madurai melur stone ,grey rough granites ,kota ,leatherite black granites

thiruvalluvar statue ,unnjal,side set backs in the form of tradital thinnais ,house keepers can relax ,chat,
tall front first floor parapets offering solid privacy for close family intimacy and interaction
out side bath and toilet to respect the customs of elders, who lovingly stay with them for very long time.... to take care of the children and house
stay for long duration for medical treatments

house cum office for mrs velu who juggles bt textile business ,frequent travel,attending family activities at far away places

swimming pool ,jacuzzi,sauna ,basket ball court -------- all in the terrace

pools is covered by a sky lit roof to escape from peeping toms
3 car park all in 1 1/4 ground
tks to mr and mrs velu for giving us a chance to try it out