Sunday, December 11, 2011

mrs& mr senthilnathan s residence at adyar,chennai,tamilnadu


mrs& mr senthilnathan s residence at adyar,chennai,tamilnadu

mrs and mr senthilnathan s residence at adyar,chennai,tamil nadu

located in 1 and 1/2 ground property,wants to address the needs of elders 85  yrs to 65 yrs, middle aged 35 to 43 years and young ones 7 yrs to 19 yrs...

multi level house, basement ,stilt ,ground,first and part second with large terrace play area and garden for unwinding. exposed concrete finishes,inclined walls,free floating staircases, free flowing spaces to connect visually and physically..

new combination of spaces like kitchen /dining/children study and home gym
tennis n cricket practice courts in terrace with terrace garden ,laundry,drying places,
inter connected children s bed rooms with combined libraries floating above their bed rooms,,.. master bed room with art/paint studio

home office/t.t area/home theatre combinations have been tried out....
elevator for the elders use the terrace recreational n health facilities, care taking nurse staying room, in case of need n emergency 

easy maintenance by exposed concrete walls,
integration of existing trees 
elevated house to prevent future road raising issues
green court in toilets for better light,ventilation n ambiance
staircase as sitting area for teenage children,etc,some of the features attempted

Monday, November 28, 2011

nanda school at erode ,tamil nadu ,addition and alteration with green concepts

the  school was existing n functioning. we were asked to add a block in the have more number of classes.there was a small structure existed along the front n side compound to house the children s play things. we created a semi circular   building with green terraces at each floor level to cut the glare,sound and views that will distract the children. the openings are placed at different heights n sizes to provide a sense relief.. to get away from boredom..

there was a entry gate way in the classical manner and the client wanted it to be retained.. a semi transparent  roofed canopy kind of structure is envisaged to provide a shaded path way from the entry to the new,main building. the old rear block was also connected to the new by similar roof structure.
a playful entry gate way, small plaza near the play ground, small amphi theatre kind of prayer area are some of the elements whish were incorporated..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr Anand's Residence, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A modern young couple with two children wanted a house in contemporary style on a One Ground (2400 sq ft) plot at the busy area of Adyar in Chennai city.

In urban towns, the land area available is very less and the norms of construction are very rigid. So, people are forced to leave 50% of the plot free of construction to satisfy the rules.

In order to increase the sense of spatial living, an attempt to utilize the vertical space by the means of double / triple heights, perforated stairs, and floating decks were adopted.
Natural sky lighting at important central spaces has been done to achieve this spaciousness.

Rooms within rooms (space within space) concept have been made use of. Bedrooms have living rooms within and a sunken 
space act as a family gathering space and as TV room.

Every part of the house has a view of the Temple tree – Plumeria Rurba that springs up in the middle of the building.
Children bedroom has a large attic space allowing a good gathering of friends in the roome giving enough space to do multi various stuffs.

The entire terrace has been landscaped and can be used by the family for playing and relaxing. An open Jacuzzi that looks onto the sky and surrounded by greenery is the perfect spot to escape from the hectic city life.

Old wasted metal sheets have been used to create a fa├žade which will create a drama of light in the interiors. This also helps to provide sun lighting for the bamboo courts and the temple tree.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Exciting Coffee Experience @ Expresso Cafe, Chandra Mall, Arcot Road, Chennai

The Expresso Cafe at Arccot Road, Chennai, is a fine coffee experience at the busy Cahndra Mall.

(These views are the proposal made for the project)

The linear strip of space is fully loaded with provisions for eateries adhering to functionality and serves all age groups with takeaways along with fun.

A perfect break from the routine shopping experience!

Idealistic, fluid design which flows like coffee!!

Curves on the go,
Structure as smooth as a flow,
Trying to put up an iconic glow!!