Monday, May 25, 2015


Located in a four ground property along the East Coast Road , 300 feet from the beach front in an area called Juhu beach. It needs to accommodate two grand parents and Mrs.&Mr.Rekha Thangappan and the two children.

 Fairly large house with an exclusive living space surrounded by an internal water court, Isolated large pooja / meditation space with a large view towards wild greenery on the rear side. Island kitchen with 2 side nature views serving a dining with a pebble topped glass dining table to accommodate 8-10 people, A Home theatre at the mid landing with a free floating terrace for the people who want to chill out connected to a large grass terrace above the car park are some of the interesting features adopted in the project.

3 Large bedrooms with an open connecting hall and an elongated children play area with gym form the first floor.

The staircase and the lift takes the users to the topmost viewing deck at 50 feet providing an excellent view of the sea and the surrounding scenery.This viewing tower is a great relief for the city corporate clients.


In a one quarter ground property Mrs.&Mr.Justin wanted to build a home for the parents and the two children. They wanted to have total safety and security, greenery, and cost efficient construction. 

The design solution aims at creating an open plan, wherein the elderly mother can manage and entertain the children successfully throughout the day till Mrs.&Mr.Justin who are IT professionals come back home. There is a study planned at the mid level and two bedrooms in the upper level. 

Cost effective techniques like Grano flooring, Plain Plastered walls for walling, concrete infilled bamboo pergolas, unplastered perforated concrete block walls, MS Steps and staircases etc were used

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu

Mr. Sajeev Kumar wanted a house for his wife ,two children and in-laws in a 1 1/2 gound site in Girgumbakkam, chennai.
Basement / Ground / Mezzanine/ First floor levels with multi green courts, water court in basement, plenty of sky lights contribute to the design solution.
Surrounded by buildings all around, in a tightly packed residential layout with a narrow 20’ wide road at the front, calls for internal playing / interacting/socializing and natural spaces.
Very understanding co-operative client and his family allowed us to explore different types of spaces, materials and detailing .
Design Team :
Murali , Nanda gopal ,Ashly lawrence, Anakha Anand, Muthu Kumar, Ukendran, Raj sekar , jayaram , ... PC: Ar.Fazal Hussain