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Live in the middle of the city, building the house. Urban Housing


Living skyscrapers built the houses lining the city a special, yet challenging choices.
 To contact the panoramic sky from day to ensure a relatively low layer of suitable
 zones are building a house building in difficult urban, surrounding the appearance
 of the building environment and mated Initiative for Urban Housing is through work
 considering the complex situation to be born. In addition, residents with a lifestyle
 befitting a city, rather than Apartments type of residence, it is a part of many
 homeowners have chosen to be self-trim work meaningless without the advantage
 of much. The shape of the building and from the building occupants can enjoy
 greater space What is so special only stayed in their homes in the city. Ideal
 appearance of urban living alongside the house which is facing the other
 buildings look like wonder. In this article, by addressing the state of housing
 in the city, rather than the power, the reporter discovered what the uniqueness
 of the Urban Housing.

The city secured a peaceful home life even in the yard

Co. Architects Atelier seventeen is the urban life of the house. The option to 
equip homes within their allowed space to show a model of urban living housing
 secured as much as possible. More than half of the area was used as a yard.
 The yard is secured to the terrace with a barbecue area and you can group 
the benefits of a large dog in the lawn and garden and laid partly also be configured
 in various ways to the beach house garden that can be used as a playground.
 While on the other hand, succinct building with white brick and pursue a modern 
design, showed that lifestyle and atmosphere of the city can be mixed well. A
 romantic courtyard and equipped throughout all parts of the house while copper
 falling housing is not well-designed urban living Living in the city.

We can look at a piece of the city, a romantic urban living home design

But also a taste of the power house landscape look out the window looks
 out, looking out the window at the housing landscape of the city also
 produces a poetic and self-emotional atmosphere. The roofs of houses
 in the upper layer forms part of the Urban Housing literally out the window
 was installed to accommodate a swimming pool full of feeling to the space.
 Soothing wall colors and have telephone poles and buildings of the city that
 looks cool to look out the window scenery of gray tones, houses and outdoor
 pool will provide a comfortable space to house residents of the city have a
 different charm.

Building wooden houses modern urban life with the morphology

The collection made like analog sensibility and a square appearance combined
 with minimalist forms a living house, built in an interesting wooden pencil. Select
 namusaek bright and black as the main colors of the house were factors other
 than the border, which does not put a black frame and body wood on the exterior 
of the building were created by the housing of the clean design.The terrace on the
 second floor made of the same material as the boundary trees and consciousness
 that can easily be exposed from the outside. But a whole house with a closed form,
 so an outdoor terrace, and families can take advantage of some outdoor housing.
 Contact Steel Structures as part of the entrance looks more deserted because of
 trees and buildings designed to look unique stripe pattern and color.

The future can be secured as much as possible the natural architectural style of urban living homes

The housing of the room with a geometrical structure. Overall, with a silver
 and white tones it will feature homes are decorated walls and ceilings with
 windows of various types. Except for the skeletal structure of the building
 that are transparent, opaque glass using cross the natural light coming in
 from outside were let into the room as possible. Interior furnishings were 
able to reveal more space with natural light by selecting the light and vivid
 tones of glass and building materials match than pick a heavy color. Wide
 area to secure that  power house standing outdoors in, but by creating an
 open terrace houses with eco-friendly nature can reveal, the situation in the
 zone of the city and the local environment of the air pollution level is not 
always So ideal, however. If you want to contact a lot of natural light in the
 room in such a state as possible, as this holds a lot of architectural glass
 wall structure it will also be considered.

Urban living space with tiered houses

View overlooking a landscaped housing design is focused on the advantages
 of indoor living space than housing have to concentrate on having a lawn. By
 placing the small plants than large trees at the front door and potted plants
 were mixed in a form that plants can have in the house you can have in an
 apartment. Smooth the surface, this dining room that can be passed in the 
front of the floor and pushed the glass door to enter the hallway. Showed the
 identity of a friendly atmosphere with people by placing a dining room on the
 street corner into the house to sit around, aesthetically also have lights and
 space white tones fell from the ceiling, so that the number of households 
despite recognizing the space wider It was created. In contrast to the interior
 of the house to go up through the staircase from the dining room was cozy
 yet to make the effect look more personal.

Urban Housing in the high attic

Joe's house is off-white and gray. Increasing the zone were built housing
 in a form-owned small yard. In addition to that the stairs up to the entrance
 to the porch made the house more highly. Even if the house was owned 
several houses in an environment that is gathered is not easy to obtain a
 panoramic view. It raised the housing of the building itself through a number
 of ways to compensate for that point. Then it was by this House with a high
 first floor of the house other than provided around the attic and roof terrace
 high above in addition to the sides, up as far as possible a view of the
 landscape inside the house can be secured.Planted a large pine tree with 
no compromise on the big wall that is placed outside the house yard is
 impressive and metaphorical boundaries.

Urban Housing can be a window into the desired shape

Unlike the standard type living space more freely when the urban life 
have their own housing may adjust the amount of windows or patio. 
This has the appearance of a plaster wall in the city urban living houses
 were parties have both the advantage of overlooking the fact that the outer
 security of private houses should be good fun by providing a window on
 one wall of a wide range of rectangular shape. Inside can be seen at
 various angles outside, the outside appearance of multiple windows
 Design becomes a figure to decorate the entire building.

Homes built up a personality that seems lifted the box

The appearance of the design you want to reflect positively homes. 
This space left to offer is directed to the front door you can go into the
 house and porch beneath a body has a small garden to decorate the
 space and appearance that can be used as a warehouse or garage.
 Boxes made ​​of a shape like a fortress than a house that is open towards
 the outside appearance of a savory closed stacked look. Namusaek the
 second floor of a building in a form carved into terraces have provided
 does not come out in the scenery outside the window, also were focused 
on to be able to enjoy a more stable compositions. The upstairs windows
 of the houses of the few forms of spatial design can be used if residents
 have a studio or workshop. Apartment building somewhat like the company,
 but will try to make a living in a way to secure their homes as much as
 possible to fit the narrow space in urban areas.

Living in urban housing can have a different atmosphere every floor

While neoreun yard, large conifers in an atmosphere befitting of the holiday
 homes are planted in the plant, it gives a refreshing feeling. The houses are
 built to the height of the ceiling in a different building while ensuring the ramp
 of stairs to the right to move space. One layer can expect a blocked space
 and more than half outside so shrouded in Wall, second floor room with a 
high ceiling in the form of entirely cool was laid open. Building a more three-layer
 construction enters the interior is spacious floor had the same hall came a little
 more room to have relatively low ceilings. Each room has a different design
 houses an impressive ceiling and exposure, depending on usage.

Urban Housing same calm look compelling public

Besides the living room is the urban housing securing open space visible
 from the exterior. The space of the staircase was low and has been made
 widely complement the size of a large house that garden of a light gray 
gravel is crushed, but now distances entertainment as much as you can
 envision a number of events were spacious site. Although brick building 
with a sober charcoal gray lines and poles are not without the same side
 as part of public authorities, therefore, it has a strange sense of trust that
 can not easily be passed through the building from the other houses. 
Residents of the profession to attract customers using the home office
 there, if it happens that important trust judoel house would also be an
 important aid to the images to convey.
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