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A walk through a cool villa in Chennai

Asha Bogenfuerst 

This beautiful villa remains cool amidst the heat and cacophony of a bustling
 town in Chennai thanks to its architectural design. The clients requested to
 have a lot of natural wind movement in the house, and we will see later how
 designers, Muraliarchitects from Chennai achieved this result flawlessly with
 a traditional design. This breezy villa is also solar powered and uses natural
 materials for the skylights as requested by the clients. 

Let’s take a walk through this cool villa in Chennai and see what other delightful surprises it holds. 

The garden is neatly defined and framed by the pillars, and the stoned paved
 walkway adjacent to it compliments the garden with its regular strips of grass.
 The strips of grass on the walkway are there not only look pretty next to the 
garden, but also in order to allow water to seep into the ground and refill the
 ground water table. 

Cool house on the block

In a very literary sense, this is the cool house on the block. 
We love how this house maintains the typical design of Indian
 houses with a rooftop, yet looks modern and stylish. 
The villa is designed with a basement at the bottom, so the living room
 and other rooms are raised. There is a staircase leading to a balcony
 and the entrance to the house. The spacious building is to house a 
family of five and an office space. 

The entrance

On the balcony leading to the entrance of the house, we see a rectangular
 water feature and can sneak a peek through the glass into the lovely villa.
 The spacious living room and dining area looks out to the shallow pool
 and its green surroundings. 

Central courtyard

The secret to this cool, breezy, well ventilated house is this beautiful central
 courtyard, a popular traditional architectural design used in tropical houses. 
It’s also interesting to see how the central courtyard connects the house closer
 to nature with a garden space, and plenty of natural light and wind movement. 
The cross ventilation enabled by this simple yet ingenious design keeps this
 house cool and calm, and the openness of the house makes living spaces more
 airy and pleasant. The yoga room situated on the first floor amidst the green
 landscape and bamboo pergola makes full use of the lovely garden and the
 openness of this house. 
Spacious living room and dining area

The spacious living room and dining area look out to green surroundings, 
giving the place a relaxed feel. Plenty of natural light and the large windows 
keep this space bright, happy, well ventilated and cool. 
Overall the inside of this villa is pleasantly simple and easy going, no frills
 and fuss free with none of those fancy trimmings or stiffling formality. 
This house breathes easy and is a breath of fresh air in a hot bustling town. 
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A bathroom with a garden

The bathroom of this beautiful residence has a garden thanks to its green courts.
 This allows plenty of natural light in the bathroom and also keeps the bathroom
 well ventilated. The natural feel of this bathroom makes it an extra refreshing
 and invigorating experience. 
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