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Home Sweet Home

Agate Alencoão 

The concept of home extends beyond the house, our home is our haven, 
the place where we feel safe. It is not a synonym for home, it is rather a
 synonym for warmth and here no matter what divisions because in fact,
 are all that make us feel this connection to our home.
Our article is about home and how what one likes is always personal, we
 decided to give you some examples of homes, ie spaces that can make
 the lives of certain people even better. Although the home has to be
 something much his sources of inspiration are always welcome and 
therefore we will give you some examples of homes. We will not refer
 to specific rooms in the house, let's just make a summary of what may
 be a home for a certain person. Get inspired and create your own!

When in home building process there are some important aspects
 to take into account. First of all is to remember that it must have
 near you, objects of which like for example if you like frames, 
must have a space in your home where they exist.  In this photo-
graph which by their candor gives us the feeling home - not a room,
 it's not a balcony, is simply a space that exists to make us feel good
 - the presence of frames is crucial and makes half the space. It is
 a part of the beautiful home and most of all, a special corner of our home. 

This is an example of a house in an open space, a kind of studio 
where all spaces share the same area. Perfect for one person or
 a couple, this is a welcoming home. Light colors, furniture and
 taste the magnificent option to create an upper floor, where 
another space while there is room. A home is not necessarily
 associated with a large or small space, but rather a comfort
 place where we feel good.

Green spaces

Green spaces in the house are always nice and recommend it.
 Bring nature indoors helps us feel better and therefore to build
 a home. The example I give you now is the advantage of a nook
 for a conservatory - let us say! - If you think a green space could
 contribute to their well-being, so here it is the ideal solution. Obviously
 not need such a large area, but just a nook with some plants.

Spaces that make us smile

Sometimes there are those decorative details that aparenetemente,
 only we understand and actually what does it matter? Very little, our
 home is the place where we should feel good par excellence and that
 is why spaces like what we see on the photo perfectly justified. Assuming
 your home is also your workplace - have a home and a workplace 
concentrated in the same space is not easy! - Opt for fun solutions 
that allow you make the most of your home, whatever the time.

Home studio

The example I now give you is quite specific, a house that is also a studio
This is a most practical solution - because in most cases the creative
 work is not time! - That you might consider if your home is also his studio.

The solution that we present to you now is especially interesting
 because it is a DIY - do it yourself or do it yourself - and therefore
 have a renewed value, we always like to see our creativity happen. 
It is a young super space with a super friendly air and it did not
 need more than four wooden pallets and some colorful pillows!
 Simple and practical!

It's a movie buff, so why not create in your own home, a place where
 you can enjoy long hours of pleasure? As you can see in the example
, a projector, a flat vertical surface and some sofas are as needed so
 you can make your home in your private movie theater. 

Tea time

The ritual of drinking tea may be something that truly like to do and that 
does not require a specific place for it, if it exists will certainly be a
 refinement. As you can see in the picture this retreat seems to have
 been created especially for this, actually this kind are also sites that
 make our home even more warm and special.

Because being outdoors when the weather allows us we are always
 happy there that make outdoor spaces as pleasant as possible. 
This balcony we have everything we need, a little table where we 
can make meals a comfortable chair to relax and also a  network 
for baloiçarmos the wind. It did not sound to home all this?

Finally we introduce you to the corner more than perfect, being
 surrounded by personal objects that make us smile and bring 
good memories, something should be mandatory, as only this
 way we feel we are really in our space and surrounded by good
 things. This  sofa leaning against a corner where there are books, 
paintings and other objects we perceive to be really personal, 
will make your home your favorite place ever.
And your home as it is ?!


Yatika Dhingra said...

This is really a nice post.Very nice blog. Thanks a lot.!
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Yatika Dhingra said...

This is really a nice post.Very nice blog. Thanks a lot.!
Stone Manufacturer

Yatika Dhingra said...

This is really a nice post.Very nice blog. Thanks a lot.!
Stone Manufacturer

Yatika Dhingra said...

This is really a nice post.Very nice blog. Thanks a lot.!
Stone Manufacturer