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Edgy stairways

Rhea Purnita Paine 

Stairways make one think of movement. They lead us to places, people and experiences.
 In a home, a stairway is often a connect between the family rooms on the lower floor
 and the more personal bedrooms on the upper floor. However, a stairway needn’t
 be a boring flight of stairs, it can be an edgy connect between the outer and inner
 facets of a home.

This stairway designed by CHAZARRETA-TOHUS-ALMENDRA, stands out for
 the optical illusion it creates. The brown wooden stair landings contrast with the 
grey, square rocky surface of the two walls around it. Add to this a dash of grey 
colour on the side of the stairs, and the optical illusion of the stones being part of 
the stairway is complete. The pebbled, slightly dipping landing and the two rocks
 placed there like stools, make this stairway even more edgy.

Why go straight when one can zig zag? This zig zagging wooden staircase
 made of solid dark wood, is perfect for those looking for something quirky
 yet sturdy. The narrow triangular wooden steps zig zag around a wooden 
pole and have no railing to support it. So while this may be an edgy and
 modern addition to one’s home, it is definitely not child friendly.

Light delight

This delightful futuristic staiway is made of wooden steps with a stony gray
 finish, and is safe yet sleek with a glass railing around it. But what sets this
 stairway apart, is the soft white light beneath every step and the chandelier
 of golden balls of light, hanging in the centre of the stairway. From a
 functional point of view too, the light will come in very handy if someone
 has to tread down the steps in the middle of the night.

Hanging mid-air

This unique staircase is perfect for those who like to live on the edge. 
The T-shaped wooden steps that seem to be hanging mid-air are actually
 attached to a wall on one side. While the wooden beams on the ceiling, 
and the glass landing above, both add to the illusion of things hanging 
mid-air. Tiny lights attached to the wooden beam, and the huge french
 window set in the brown brick wall on one side, provide ample light to 
the stairway. For those who like a dainty stairway like this, this
 minimal stairway might also be a good option.

Spiraling stairways are not just a kid’s fantasy, but also an edgy 
addition to any home. Made of metal, this stairway has triangular
 white steps, that spiral up with a twisting three-tiered black metal
 railing. The thick top railing gives one ample support, while the 
steps are well spaced to give one balance. This stairway is simple
 to clean and maintain, but isn’t suited for a very humid weather
 as it will be prone to rust.

Check out this Kayak staircase for a radical stairway idea.

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