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Tips to bring nature into your balcony

Alice Rosentzweig 

Living in apartments the desire to be in the middle of nature can be 
every day higher and higher. So the balconies are the shorter and
 cheaper way to bring nature closer to us. Plants are a great way to
 decorate the balcony and to create some privacy from the curious
 neighbours. Also, if the balcony is situated near a crossroad, the air
 can be really polluted, and having plants in the balcony can filtrate 
the air your breathing in a cleaner and fresher one.
Take a look to the examples below and learn how to bring 
nature into your balcony.

Use plants for your privacy

If the privacy is required, then plants are a great way to separate yourself
 from the neighbor’s eyes. Placing a multitude of big plants on the handrail
 offers a lot of privacy and also, the green color reminds the lodger to go
 more often out on the balcony for some fresh air.

If someone wants to take more serious the balcony renovation, then
 Estudio Nicolas Pierry is a great inspiration. The big plants give some
 fresh color to the balcony and the little benches allow a longer and 
comfortable stay in this lovely place. The gravel from the floor brings
 nature closer to your feet, and also the wooden floor allows a relaxing
 barefoot walk.  

There’s no need for too much effort

There’s always a solution to bring some color into the balcony, even if
 the place is not that big. This balcony is a perfect example that is no need
 of too much effort, in order to bring some nature into the balcony. All you
 needed are some flowerpots, some color, and why not, some bulrush to 
cover common white walls of the balcony. A little table and a chair will create
 a new space in the apartment to enjoy your morning coffee. 
Here you can find more examples to decorate with flowers also the
 interior of an apartment. 

Bring the forest closer to you

If the view is too beautiful to be covered with plants, it doesn’t mean that
 there is nothing to be done with this outside place of the apartment. In this
 balcony, the floor has been replaced with a dark wooden floor, and the left
 corner has been dedicated to a little piece of nature. The big plants give
 color to this dark balcony, and the ceramic mushrooms send you to a 
walk in the forest.

Let the nature speak to you

If you’re lucky enough to have nature in front of your house, then a wooden
 table and two chairs is all you need to enjoy a spring or a summer day out 
on the balcony. And of course, some little plants to give some color to the
 balcony is never a bad idea. 

This balcony is the perfect example for a more industrial but modern look. 
The small plants are sited on the red sandstone, and for more color two
 pink metal pillars have been placed near the handrail. And of course, don’t
 forget about the comfortable armchair to enjoy a beautiful day in your own

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