Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vishwaksena Vidya Vikas Metric School Entrance plaza for school at Sriperambadur, Chennai

  Murali Architects / Ar.Jeyakumar B.Arch, M.l.arch,
We wanted a pleasant feel for children every day. The entry plaza for V.V.V.Metric School aims to provide a sense of joy, ' Celebration' 'Play fullness' ' Cheer' 'Happy day' feel to all those who enter / pass by / view the school. 2010 Water cascade, water body with ducks, Swan, etc, clock tower, low hung curved green entry arch / turned ways, shaded pathways covered with Pergolas, amphitheater, Temple / Meditation spaces, 1000 sq ft R.C Canopy with geometrical shapes, alphabets, Casting interests triggering shadows on the ways that the little ones step on, Two large trees with circular seating under . make the young ones that they are entering a new land of learning / playing / laughing.....

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