Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Proposed school building ( State Board Block) at Sriperambudur, Chennai

The school is designed in such a way to make the students enjoy their school life by creating their learning pleasurable and make them stay connected to the school in every aspect.
The school which includes, two blocks- the state block which consist of the academic and the lab and the library block has a courtyard that acts as a central focal element. And every floor is related to a series of cascading terrace looking towards the centre court. The curves on the exterior as well as the interior and the viewing cubes at different parts of the building make it aesthetically exceptional.
The designed is unified by the use of the corridors that open to ample spaces and the bay windows that opens to lovely vistas.  The amphitheatre at the main entrance of the school acts as a play space as well as a platform to conduct the co- curricular activities of the school and thereby avoiding the apprehension for school in children.
The deep shades casted by the walls and the curved enclosure evoke a sense of security within the campus and the green courtyard opening to the sky creates the natural venturi effect that reduces the heat inside by providing enough ventilation.

The design is a fine exemplar that shows how architecture speaks to the little ones.

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