Monday, June 16, 2008

electric crematotium - our charity work to society at erode

my friend ,dr saghadevan wanted to a electric crematorium at erode and reached us for our free architectural consultancy ... we, at murali architects ,took it up as a very serious effort

we felt that the dead requires a better treatment than the ones that is been offered at present electric crematoriums

we created series of great pyramids and mandapams on the banks of the river cauvery which will create the desired moods to

gather,cry,mourn,pray,pay respects,do the last rites and part with heart filled with the wonderful thoughts of the departed

with no funds and no site, the project got started , but ,we as team with the leadership of dr saghadevan ,produced a very ambitious grand scheme in the 10 acre land,the schemes were shown to people of erode for donations

people belived in the cause and every one contributed ,rs 3 crores was collected and we have a monument for the dead at erode where the poor can have decent departure with out paying, free cremations for the poor,ambulance for free pick up ,freezers for the safe keeping till the relatives arrive from distant land

all that is possible because of the goodness of the people at erode with a selfless person like dr saghadevan ,who brought them together

we had a very satisfying relationship and contribution

the inauguration is on 29 th june at erode

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Mohan said...

People pay respects to the KNOWN dead by paying their time and tears. You have paid your respects to the UNKNOWN by your time.
Here is my Heartfelt appreciation on your contribution to the human kind Sir.