Monday, June 2, 2008

sam s residence,concept.......lotus pond

mr sam kumar s residence

c o n c e p t :

we want to create a special place for the highly stressed up i.t. professionals , for the guest who enters our premises.. we do not want it to be like any other hotel or a guest house, continuously reminding that they r away from home...... we feel when some one travels from airport to our place , he or she should feel a totally different should be like a like entering a natural resort or rain forest ..... a quiet setting...where the person , the nature and a very silent architecture alone should exist the aspects attached to the materialistic world like money, fame , fancy elements all that should fade and vanish people need to get down from the car at the entry itself[ the luggages will be taken care by the staff}..... and walk towards the entry to our guest house thro the , gently raised natural mound which is covered with touch of vegetation , but, the whole plaza will be covered with a large sheet of tranquil, meditative quality of water, filled with golden lilies and green shiny leaves,

pl see it in the slide show format pl refer the water temple in japan by the renowned japanese architect tadao ando in japan this water body shall have the visual continuity with our swimming pools,like in the works of the great sri lankan architect , geoffery bawa ,in all his beautiful hotels where he ties the swimming pools with surrounding sea by visual continuity when the reach the entry to our guest house thro this walk thro water bodt ,they will be surprised by a cascade , a sheet of water receiving them, they view ,cherish, then enter into our bldg, pl see the link below once they enter our lobby, they will see a grand double height,cathedral ceiling,which will give them an idea abt what this bldg is all abt . then the stair court , with white colored pebbles, yellow bamboos, stone wall which will go all the way up to the ,entire height of the stair and lift tower.t we want the lobby to be a quiet place with a good view of the pool and the front sheet water and cascade,stair landscaped court with special sky lightthe whole shall as natural as possible, but with the huge cantilevering beams which will support the flying, floating bed rooms and balconies... these bed rooms balconies will look towards the seabut, they do not look at each other , looking away from each other to create privacy each balcony user will feel that he or she is alone and enjoying calm sea some of the balconies float above the swimming pool water

dear sam,
we will continue the concept discussion in our monday evening telephone conversation



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