Monday, March 6, 2017

CAF 10X10 - Chennai Architecture Foundation

Greetings from our team at MURALI ARCHITECTS!
Chennai Architecture Foundation (CAF) is an organization established to promote architecture, urbanism and education in the city of Chennai. It facilitates and promotes critical public engagement with built environment issues by organizing lectures, discussions and events. The CAF 10X10 is an event where a few eminent architects will present one project each with 10 slides to bring focus on the challenges and ideas behind the project.
Our Chief Ar.Murali Murugan was invited to present one of our best completed projects- ‘HIGHWAY RESTAURANT- MANOJ BHAVAN’,located off the Chennai- trichy highway at Madhurandhagam.
We are thankful to the Chennai Architecture Foundation  for inviting us, along with 6 inspiring architects to enlighten young minds with the elaborate process involved in design. We thank all the young aspiring architects who made it to the CAF 10X10 Talks at Spaces- Besant Nagar on 21st February 2017.
The material that we presented at the lecture is as follows.

The attentive crowd

Ar.Murali Murugan- left corner

We are thankful to 
Murali Architects Design Team:
Seethapathi Pb, Shirlo Selvam , Firdose Basha, Ukenderan Elan, Devi Ilamathy, Saran Mohan, Vishnu Ponnarasu, Mohan Moorthy, Harshitha Damodaran, Anas Anz.
Engineering and coordination team:
F Swaminathan, Sadham Hussain, Ilaya Bharathy, Seenivasan Durairaj, Muthu Arumugam, Kuppan , Siva Kumar.
Contractor team:
Ulogamoorthy Moorthy and C Sekar.

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