Friday, January 17, 2020


 “Fluidity, Continuity and Intrigue interiors elevates the spaces and excites the feel of the user” 

The Hearing aid centre at Nungambakkam, Chennai is a 2500 Sq. ft interior project, which not only serves for people with hearing disabilities, but also as a space where they could spend quality time with their family. The challenge faced was to fit in a wide range of requirements onto a constrained site with a fixed layout.

 The design approach here was to go “beyond rigid compartmentalized sterile interior design”. The focus was exploring curvilinear forms and spaces.

 Curvilinear walls enhance the continuity of spaces, to create a never ending experience. 
Fluidic lines move effortlessly from one surface to another, from the reception desk to the false ceiling, blurring the lines between them.The interiors are done with bright and inviting colour scheme- off-white, yellow and grey. A canary yellow sofa at the waiting area adds a special touch to this austere interior.

 The colour scheme and the use of glazed and partly glazed partitions are to create a feeling of spaciousness and to lend them visual freedom.
Conceptualized as a contemporary white space, the reception, accounts and the Doctors cabin form the central Core with the rest of the cabins arranged radial creating a rhythm of spaces.

Fluid and abstract shapes weave in and out of every surface, keeping one’s vision engaged in this creatively executed exterior.
The curvilinear partition along the corridor leads the user to take up interesting journey through the space.

 Sustainability is achieved through the usage of local materials such as granite for the entry wall, reception flooring and to partition the restrooms. The walls are of plywood, MDF boards and treated with duco finish, whereas Korean tops are used for the tables. 

 A look at the previous clinic shows a complete transformation from a rigid, typical and confined space to a dynamic space with an open and flexible floor plan.
Interesting detailing has been achieved in terms of customized- cabin, table’s unusual curved seater design, welcoming reception table and cantilevered glass top for the staff table.

This project required a lot of supervision and creative inputs on site.
The result is a lively space which cheers up and excites the user, with the spaces revealing themselves in a sequential manner.
False ceiling design is a reflection of the curved partitions below, where varied types; Open ceiling, metal grid and gypsum have been used at multiple levels.

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